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Chicagoland Zoning Law Attorneys

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers for Zoning, Finance, and Municipal Incentives


Many believe the laws that control land use in the state of Illinois can be perplexing, to say the least, particularly to the average person. Most towns and cities are divided into zones, with each zone being designated as to the specific type of permitted uses. As an example, downtown areas may be zoned primarily for office use, apartment buildings, and commercial uses while areas further away from the city center could be zoned for residential or small-scale commercial use. Even further out, manufacturing and heavy industry zoning may be in place. The goal of zoning is to prevent conflicting uses from causing problems between residents and business owners.

Property values are also maintained through city zoning efforts. If you find that something on your property is in violation of a zoning law in your area of Illinois, you have several options. You can correct the violation if it won’t cost you significant financial resources, however if you have made improvements to your property that violates zoning laws, you may be able to ask for a variance. If you find it becoming difficult to use your own property as you might like—or if a neighbor is using his or her property in a way you find offensive—and that violates local zoning laws—it could be time to speak to an attorney from the law firm of LT Law Office.

Your chances of success in any zoning dispute will be vastly increased with an experienced Illinois zoning lawyer by your side. Rather than attempting to navigate an extremely challenging zoning or development problem with complex and constantly changing zoning and land use codes, give that burden to an attorney whose goal is a positive outcome on your behalf. Vincent Tessitore assists clients throughout the entire zoning and governmental approval process, whether at local, state or federal agency level.

Public and Private Financing of Real Estate Projects


We understand that most development projects are dependent upon the implementation of certain credit facilities to finance the project. Attorney Vincent Tessitore has assisted many developers in securing both private and public financing for the development of large scale residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed use projects throughout Illinois.

Mr. Tessitore’s experience has included obtaining multi-million dollar incentives for his clients from Tax Increment Financing, Special Service Area, and Sales Tax Rebate agreements which reimburse developers for construction project costs. In many of these transactions, Mr. Tessitore has successfully represented his clients in successfully monetizing future reimbursements from tax increment or special service area financing by assembling a team to sell these future revenues to institutional investors so that his clients could realize the funds in the present day without having to wait for annual reimbursement over a number of years. Mr. Tessitore has also assisted clients in obtaining and negotiating mult-million dollar construction loans from private lenders in order to finance development projects.

Get Help from Highly Qualified Zoning Attorneys


Our Illinois zoning attorneys can offer you the kind of zoning, municipal, and financial advice which will allow you to make the timely decisions that will ultimately benefit your business. With years of solid experience handling complex zoning and commercial real estate transactions, our firm has the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain the necessary entitlements or approval you require to make your project have a positive outcome. For a comprehensive evaluation of your real estate or zoning issue, contact LT Law Office at 630-225-8255.

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