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Chicagoland Real Estate Transaction Attorneys

Legal Assistance for Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are involved in a commercial or residential real estate transaction, you may find yourself confused about the dizzying array of legal issues associated with the transaction. Commercial real estate attorneys deal with developers, property owners and lenders. In some cases, a developer may seek assistance from a commercial real estate attorney to buy and sell properties, review complex financial documents and communicate with investors. A commercial real estate attorney will also engage in such transactions as drafting and filing partnership documents, setting up corporations and assisting the client with taxes related to the commercial real estate deals.

Other times the commercial real estate attorney will work with a contractor, perhaps negotiating contracts or leases, reviewing deeds and ensuring documents are properly filed. Perhaps one of the most important roles the commercial real estate attorney can provide is to offer advice to clients regarding proposed commercial property transactions. Many people need help determining whether a piece of land is suitable for development, finding out the tax status of the property and getting assistance with closing. The Chicagoland real estate attorneys of LT Law Office can provide all these types of legal assistance and more. Attorney Vincent Tessitore handles transactional issues at every stage of commercial real estate deals. We have extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions.

If you are engaged in a residential real estate transaction, it may be simpler than a commercial transaction, but we understand that the stakes are nonetheless very high for you and your family. Your residential real estate could well be your biggest asset, and even after the purchase is complete, legal issues can crop up. As a homeowner, you deserve a lawyer who will represent your interests from the moment you decide to purchase a property until it is time to sell. The many tasks your residential real estate attorney can complete on your behalf include:

  • Reading your real estate contract, ensuring it will protect your interests;

  • Handling all legal issues regarding liens that may appear against the home;

  • Assuring you there is a clear title to the property;

  • Providing solid recommendations for home inspection services;

  • Attending the closing with you;

  • Ensuring all documents are properly signed;

  • Providing counsel in the event problems arrive; and

  • Ensuring your deed is properly recorded.


Skilled Commercial and Residential Real Estate Litigation Lawyers


If you have a real estate deal that has turned sour, and you are now embroiled in litigation over the property, it is crucial that you speak to a knowledgeable real estate litigation attorney as soon as possible. Our Chicagoland real estate lawyers can help you successfully resolve a wide range of disputes efficiently and effectively, including the following:

  • Partnership disputes and resulting litigation;

  • Title litigation;

  • Sale and acquisition disputes and litigation;

  • Mechanics lien disputes;

  • Lien priority disputes;

  • Insurance coverage disputes;

  • Land use litigation; and

  • Other related commercial and business disputes and resulting litigation.


At LT LawOffice, we understand just how distressing real estate issues—whether commercial or residential—can be. You may have all of your money tied up in the real estate, and simply cannot afford for the deal to go south in any way. Our skilled lawyers will draft legal complaints, answer interrogatories, respond to requests for production of documents and appear in court as necessary to plead your case. Our attorneys know how important it is to stay up-to-date on current laws and regulations related to commercial and residential real estate. For a comprehensive assessment of your real estate issue, contact LT Law Office. at 630-225-8255 today.

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