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Chicagoland Small Business Attorney

Experienced Legal Counsel for Your Illinois Corporation


The formation and operation of a corporation or partnership, as it relates to commercial and contract law, falls under the umbrella of corporate law practice. Most of our corporate clients our closely held or family owned businesses. A corporation is, in essence, an artificial person that can sue or be sued, enter into contracts and perform all duties necessary to maintain a business. Corporations are generally set up as a means of shielding the individual owner or shareholders from personal liability for the liabilities or debts of the corporation. A corporation essentially lives forever unless formally dissolved. Corporations are bound by state and federal laws; and certain industries such as communications or public transportation are also subject to federal regulation and licensing. Experienced Chicagoland corporate law attorneys deal with such legal issues as:

  • Litigation or Mediation of Corporate Disputes;

  • Acquisitions;

  • Joint ventures;

  • Employment Agreements;

  • Preparation and negotiation of corporate agreements; and

  • Preparation and negotiation of articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, shareholder agreement, partnership or operating agreement, and stock purchase agreements.

One of the primary goals of LT Law Office. is to build solid relationships with our clients, tailoring our services to most closely fit the unique needs and objectives of businesses and corporations. Our attorneys will use their legal knowledge and skills to assess your options, assist you in executing your business plans, helping you to respond best to every challenge you face.

Skilled Help for Your Illinois Small Business


If you are an individual, an entrepreneur, an executive or a company, there may come a time when you require the services of a small business attorney. Perhaps you need assistance with the formation of your business, venture capital financing, business agreements, business tax matters or internal forms. More specifically, our Chicagoland business law lawyers offer the following small business services:

  • Representation of buyer or seller when purchasing or selling a business;

  • Preparation of employment agreements;

  • Small business counseling;

  • Formation of business entities;

  • Assistance in business real estate deals;

  • Negotiation of confidentiality, employment, non-compete or independent contractor agreements; and

  • The implementation of a policy or privacy program for your business.


At LT Law Office, we have worked with businesses in many sectors. We will be by your side at every stage of the development of your business. Whether you are a sole proprietor starting a business for the very first time or a large corporation continually closing complex deals, we can offer you the skilled legal assistance you require.

Helping Your Business or Corporation Run Efficiently


Our business and corporate law attorneys place a high premium on building lasting relationships with our clients as well as developing cost-effective solutions to help build success. When you speak to a lawyer at LT Law Office, you receive focused legal assistance that directly benefits your business or corporation. We have worked with a wide range of industries including real estate, investment, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and professional service companies. If you are currently involved in litigation or are experiencing employment law issues, our lawyers will work hard to help you achieve a positive outcome.

If you want a law firm that can provide comprehensive legal counsel on matters involving corporate law or small business, we can help. We provide accessibility and responsiveness, and will work hard to deliver a timely solution to your business issue. To reap the benefits of our skill and experience, contact LT Law Office today at 630-225-8255. Whether you reside in Cook, Du Page, Will or Kane County, we believe your business can benefit from our legal knowledge.

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