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Chicagoland Condominium and Homeowner Association Attorney

Representation for Those Experiencing Condo and HOA Legal Issues


Homeowner's associations, as well as condominium associations, are legal entities that are governed by the residents. Collective decisions are made by the property owners regarding any issues affecting the property. Homeowner's associations most closely resemble local governments with board members and meetings which establish the policy on such things as covenants, conditions, restrictions, fees and maintenance of common property. When conflicts arise between condo associations or homeowner's associations and members, policies must be enforced. Some associations enforce each and every rule with zeal; others run in a more relaxed manner.

Either way, most associations do their best to make decisions that will ultimately enhance the value of the homes. This means that in most cases, the homeowner and the homeowner’s association have the same goals. Nonetheless, problems do arise. Most homeowner’s associations and condominium associations require members to pay regular fees related to maintenance of the common property areas. If the development happens to have a recreational facility such as a pool or golf course, those fees are likely to be much higher. Some homeowner’s associations allow boards to raise these regular fees as much as 20 percent in a single year with no membership vote.

Legal Help for Condominium and Homeowner Associations


At the law firm of LT Law Office, our Illinois commercial real estate lawyers work hard for condominium and homeowner’s associations facing legal battles. There are any number of legal issues that are governed by condominium and homeowner’s association law including the following:

  • Drafting covenant, use and occupancy documents;

  • Reviewing covenant, use and occupancy documents;

  • Compliance Issues Regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Fair Housing Act;

  • Real estate law representation, including evaluations and tax issues;

  • Review of sale and purchase contracts;

  • Litigation matters between individual owners and the association;

  • Litigation matters between the association and the contractors or developers;

  • Representation of the condo or homeowner's association’s interests, including evictions, collections, foreclosures and activities associated with bankruptcy; and

  • Management or vendor-related contracts for operation, reconstruction, construction, maintenance, and repair.

Get the Assistance You Need From an Experienced Chicagoland Attorney


Attorney Vincent Tessitore is eminently qualified to provide knowledgeable, practical advice to boards of directors and managers and can assist you in resolving the many issues which may arise in connection to condominium and homeowner's associations. The experience of LT Law Office makes our firm an ideal choice for those undergoing legal issues associated with condominium and homeowner's associations. We want you to feel confident that your legal matters are being handled properly and efficiently.

We go the extra mile to ensure you are kept informed of the status of your legal matters. Our commitment to client success defines our law firm, and contributes to the success of your homeowner's association or condominium association. While our office is located in  Downtown Chicago, our Illinois commercial real estate attorneys handle cases across northeastern Illinois, including the greater Chicago area. If you are in need of skilled legal assistance for a condominium or homeowner’s association matter, contact LT Law Office at 630-225-8255.

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